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Thank you for a great afternoon with our emerging leaders. As an innovation team, we are trying to bring best practice approaches, tools and techniques (like Insights Discovery) into our workplace to drive culture change that fosters continuous innovation and improvement for customers.  Your session served as strong progress in that regard!
-Manager & recent Insights workshop attendee
Insights®  Discovery / Self-Awareness

The Insights® Discovery personal assessment reveals the meaning behind communication and work preferences.

The effectiveness of the Insights® Discovery model is a result of the program’s ability to relay deeply insightful information in an understandable and memorable way. As an accredited Insights® Discovery practitioner, Margaret tailors the Insights® model to your individual needs, providing a unique and enjoyable learning experience.

Insights® Discovery for the Individual Helps You to:
- Know your strengths and weaknesses
- Understand why you do what you do and say what you say
- Adapt and connect with others better
- Improve leadership skills
- Expand awareness and comprehension of others
- Create a personalized development plan

"Margaret, I wanted to thank you for opening up the opportunity to participate in Insights Discovery training. You did an amazing job sharing your wisdom and personalizing the information. It is truly exciting to see your ever-expanding tool box for empowering and energizing leaders."

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