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"Margaret: THANK YOU for helping me hone my interview skills when I came to you last summer. I landed a job as a Senior Content Writer three months ago and I’m extremely happy here. You really helped me overcome my issues, and perhaps more importantly motivated me to keep trying. I will highly recommend you to all."  
-Coaching Client

About Margaret

Margaret B. Smith is a career coach, educator, speaker, and author. As the founder of UXL, she offers individuals and teams the guidance necessary to improve communication and reach maximum potential. She is also a licensed Insights® Discovery practitioner. 

Margaret's coaching style is supportive, open, and energizing. She believes in positive messaging and bringing out your best authentic self.

Margaret has a broad business background, including 27 years in business management at 3M. She uses this depth of experience to serve a diverse range of clients and create relateable, interactive workshops, keynote speeches, and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Margaret recently released a book entitled The Ten-Minute Leadership Challenge, which draws on her experience and expertise in business leadership.

Margaret is an adjunct professor in the Center for Sales Innovation at Saint Catherine University where she also leads a Woman's Sales Leaders cohort. She is a member of the Nat'l Association of Professional Women, is cited as a leading new entrepreneur in Cambridge Who's Who, International Women Leaders, and was a nominee for the Women in Business award from the MSP Business Journal.

"Margaret, Thank you for your great ideas and recommendations! I check you newsletter every time I receive it. You have given me great tips!"
- Astrid O.

Margaret: "Thank you for your wisdom and your time. Thank you for your coaching and for your humor." -Bridget, discussion group participant


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