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Insights® Discovery / Team Effectiveness

The Insights® Discovery model is founded on the belief that increased self-awareness has the power to transform the way we interact with one another. Through the Insights personal assessment, professionals and teams are guaranteed to improve relationships with colleagues, clients, and leaders.

The effectiveness of the Insights® Discovery model is a result of the program’s ability to relay deeply insightful information in an understandable and memorable way.

As an accredited Insights® Discovery practitioner, Margaret specializes in unlocking your team’s potential and maximizing individual and group gifts.

Insights® Discovery for Teams Provides:
- Leadership development
- Enhanced self-awareness
- Improved awareness of team member’s value
- Elevated productivity
- Conflict reduction
- Better hiring and interviewing
"The meeting yesterday was great!  My team is really connecting well and I attribute a good deal of that to the Insights tool and activities.  We are also making good progress on our POV statement and I think we’ll be ready to start brainstorming solutions next time."

-Dana, HCMC

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