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Personal Growth

Through one-on-one coaching, UXL helps professionals get more out of their career, create new opportunities to demonstrate their skills, and rewrite their life.

Sometimes it takes outside help to realize your personal and career goals. UXL steps in to make sure that you implement the changes necessary for growth. With the help of UXL, your goals are met through live consultations, accountability meetings, the transformative Insights® Discovery self-assessment tool, and a host of useful, handpicked career resources.

  • Lend greater focus and direction to your career path
  • Learn how to better utilize your knowledge, experience, and personal goals
  • Identify and hone your unique set of leadership skills 
  • Learn how to make a lasting impression and boost personal branding
  • Strengthen your interviewing, networking, and communication skills
  • Make a greater impact in the workplace by learning how to effectively encourage, empower, and inspire others

"Dear Margaret,  I just wanted to let you know that last Thursday I accepted a temp position with [a financial services company] as a Research Associate! ...I am thrilled!  And I wanted to thank you for your time and support.  Your encouragement and direction lifted my spirits and kept my job search positive and more focused. Hopefully this will turn a page on a difficult time."
-Sue (Coaching Client)

"Dear Margaret, 'thank you' does not seem enough for all you have had to endure listening to my transition moans! But, thank you! You have brought me back on track and I'm working to attain my objective. You are an extraordinary woman and I envy your consistent confidence and strength. I believe I'll regain myself wholeheartedly. I will be occupied responding to my folder of jobs we talked about. I wish you total joy and laughter."
- Coaching Client

"Margaret- Wonderful, in a word. I was able to share our session with several people today and it felt great to share my 1st 'next step.' Thanks for today. It was a pleasure to exchange such depth with you."
- J.B., Thompson Reuters

"The timing of our meeting was impeccable. I appreciate our coaching today. Plus, your interview guide is very helpful! I'm excited and appreciate all the added confidence and insight."
- 3M Coachee

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