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Speaking Topics

UXL workshops and keynotes are designed to challenge, inform, and energize. They cover a diverse range of topics and can be customized to fit your unique business needs.
When Margaret speaks, she integrates her professional career coaching acumen, 30+ years of experience as a 3M Senior Leader, and the Insights® Discovery Model to address relevant professional and business challenges.

Featured Workshop:
The Ten-Minute Leadership Challenge

Based off Margaret's recently published book, this workshop helps you and your team develop positive leadership attributes in order to increase sales, improve communication, and create healthier work relationships.

Featured Keynote:
10 Secrets to a Lasting Impression

No matter what industry you're in, impressions matter. This keynote helps you learn how to write your OWN success story, prevent negative influences from holding you back, and self-reflect and plan the next steps for career and personal growth.
Using Insights® 
Personal SuccessIn Job Transition
  • Create a personal vision
  • Improve performance
  • Design your ideal work environment
  • Improve self-awareness
  • Align core purpose with your values
  • Learn to interact with a team
10 Secrets to a Lasting Impression
  • Identify your unique strategies and skills
  • Know the things that help you navigate the speed bumps
  • Know what makes people seek you out
  • Receive simple tips that make a big difference
7 Seconds to Success
  • The first and last 7 seconds of the interview are the most meaningful
  • Receive useful ideas for making a great first impression
  • Learn how to make sure your final impression lasts
Team Effectiveness
  • Understand team dynamics
  • Insight into your team’s gifts
  • Learn to connect with your team
  • Learn how to give a team what it needs to contribute to the whole
  • Reduce tension/appreciate differences
Your Leadership Brand
  • Learn to take control of your brand and the impression you make
  • Identify your unique style of leadership
  • Use self-awareness to improve your communication
  • Tips and changes to increase your impact
  • Align your leadership brand to your everyday
The No Sweat Cover Letter
  • Learn how to push past the initial intimidation of writing a cover letter
  • Gain access to strategies for cover letter writing that leave the job applicant feeling prepared, calm, and positioned for success.
  • Easy, go-to structure that makes writing cover letters a failsafe task.
Sales Effectiveness
  • Effectively influence your customer
  • Understand customer’s styles
  • Create a responsive and supportive relationship
  • Increase confidence in discussions
  • Improve listening skills/slow down
Be Heard, Get Noticed
  • Be recognized for your capabilities and contributions
  • Learn how to bring your ideas to the table
  • Foster inclusionary behavior
  • Understand the role that asking great questions can play in your success
No-Fail Networking
  • Gain the skill of creating introductions that captivate and differentiate
  • Learn questioning techniques that highlight your interest and talents
  • Practice in a safe environment
Leadership Effectiveness
  • Know your impact
  • Express yourself authentically
  • Understand/value diversity
  • Encourage/Empower others
  • Increase clarity of expectations
  • Continuous learning
  • Identify team shifts
NEW The Ten-Minute Leadership Challenge
  • Identify the attributes that are holding you back from becoming a great leader
  • Learn quick, effective leadership methods and strategies
  • Through interactive methods, learn how to better develop your leadership attributes and facilitate personal growth
  • Based on Margaret Smith's new leadership book.
High Impact Resumes
  • Know resume expectations
  • Receive resume tips based on job requirements and experience level
  • Relay fresh and effective communication of your accomplishments
  NEW Employee Engagement with a Millennial Twist
  • The data suggests that employee engagement is still a critical element of business success
  • Learn the steps that lead to attraction and retention
  • Develop a plan for inspiring and motivating 
  • Learn how Millennials are impacting the workplace

Media Kit

Download the UXL Media/Speaker Kit for more information on Margaret Smith, feature workshops and keynotes, and what people are saying about their experience with UXL.

Watch Margaret Speak

"When Margaret speaks she is dedicated, passionate, and extremely knowledgeable of the rapidly changing work environment"

"What a great discussion! It was extremely thought provoking. Thank you for your insight!"
- Sales Student, SCU

"Margaret Smith was terrific. I have attended a lot of workshops over a long period of time and she has some suggestions that I had never heard before. She gave me quite a few ideas concerning how to answer those interview questions that we all find difficult. I like her take on them."
- Attendee of You Can Get Hired Workshop

"Margaret's teaching technique is awesome. She articulates her points in a clear and concise way so that student can easily understand the concepts that are being taught. She also has a caring demeanor towards the people that she that makes them feel comfortable and important."
-Workshop Attendee

“It was such a pleasure meeting you last Friday at the Frontline Sales Personal Branding Workshop. I greatly enjoyed our lunch conversation and wanted to reach out to thank you for taking the time to share your 3M story with me. It is extremely encouraging to meet such great female business leaders at 3M. I also learned a great deal from the personal branding workshop and feel much better prepared for answering the dreaded ‘Tell me about yourself’ question. Your students at St. Catherine are very lucky to have you.”

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